AEDB Registration- 2021

AEDB Stands for Alternative Energy Development Board, an organization working under the Ministry of Water & Power since 2006. However, aim of AEDB is to regulate & develop alternative energy means in Pakistan. AEDB Registration may be required by the individuals or companies operating in alternative energies. Therefore, AEDB certification can open doors for bank leasing & On-grid systems.

AEDB offers registration to the solar companies in three broad categories as C1, C2 & C3. We will be discussing all details about AEDB in detail in this article.

AEDB Registration – A step by step Guide

AEDB registration can pay back in a very efficient way. But without having AEDB registration, it is very difficult to stand out from the solar vendor’s crowd. However, AEDBregistration is a tough, time taking & technical procedure that requires the services of some professional consultant.

The very first step before applying AEDB registration is to brainstorm about the problem. there are a few questions that can be considered before getting into the procedure.

  • What are our targets?
  • How much budget available for the business?
  • Do we need AEDB registration or not?
  • If yes, then in which category?
  • In which capacity will we work in?
  • What are charges of AEDB registration in total?
  • Is this right time to initiate the process etc

AEDB License Categories

There are 3 categories offered by AEDB for registration as installer/vendor. However, there are few companies registered with AEDB since 2006 till now

Old Name

  • V1 Category
  • V2 Caregory
  • V3 Category

New Names

  • AEDB C1 Category
  • C2 Category
  • C3 AEDB Category

AEDB Registration Fee

As per the new AEDB policy announced in September 2021, three years of AEDB certification will be issued from now. 01-year registration and renewal are terminated.

Fee for different categories are as follow

AEDB CategoriesFeeTenure
C1220,0003 Years from Registration
C2480,0003 years
C3640,0003 years
AEDB Registration Fee

AEDB Registration Requirements

Getting AEDB certification registration may be a difficult & hectic procedure if initiated without proper knowledge. Some requirements are publicly available but some are not available. So, it is recommended to hire a professional corporate consultant to get AEDB desired registration done in the desired category.

250KVa C3 Registration Requirements

AEDB C3 is the initial & lowest category that allows 250KW as hybrid (On / Off-Grid). Getting C3 registration following are the requirements

  • Pakistan Engineeirng Council valid registration
  • Active Sales Tax/ STRN registration
  • Provincial Tax Reveue board registration
  • Bank Gurantee for 1 year more than the AEDB certification tenure
  • Bank drafts for processing & certofication fee
  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineer(s) required

500KVa C2 Registration Requirements

As we know, C2 allows up to 500KWs to be installed & can be attached to the grid. As this is a handsome category, so these are requirements for C2 registration with AEDB.

Following are C2 registration requirements

  • Active Taxpayer Registration
  • GST Registration
  • PRA / SBR or KKPRA registrtion
  • 3 years company age
  • 1 MWatt pre-registration experience of the company/ firm targeting AEDB license registraiton
  • PEC registration in higher category with desired specialized codes
  • Complete legal registration documents

No Limit C1 Registration Requirements

Moreover, C1 is the highest & no limit category available for registration with AEDB. NEPRA allows a maximum of 1 MWatt on-grid & unlimited for off-grid systems

Following are the requirements for AEDB C1 registration

  • PEC registration in Rs 500Mn or above
  • must have electrical & mechanocal specilaized codes
  • Active taxpayer with FBR
  • Company profile showing completed projects in detail
  • Provincial Board of revenue registration
  • MoA, AoA, Form 29 & Incorporation certicates, in case of Private Limited company
  • In case of Partnership firm, Reistrar of firms registration & Form C

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